Aperitif Incontournable From the Apéro APERICUBE

box 48 cubes - 250 g



Melted cheese specialty

For all your specials, choose Uncontournable Apercube, creamy and festive little cheese cubes, raw Jambon tastes, Emmental, Green Pepper and Chorizo! For an aperitif made in France in our factories in the Jura, without preservatives, without coloring or artificial flavors added.


The ingredients of your good little cubes: from the skimmed LAIT rehydrated (original: France), FROMAGES (7% d\u2019emmental in the Emmental cubes), from the BEURRE, proteins from LAIT, cast iron salts (polyphosphates), essential to bind the ingredients and obtain a creamy texture, from the LACTICAL concentrate LAITIER, 0.27% green pepper May contain traces of fruit to COQUE.

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